More than 30 years providing Corporate Identity Solutions.

We offer corporate identity solutions to increase the value of companies through the construction of their visual identity. 

For more than 30 years, we have been developing and maintaining corporate identity projects for the most important companies in the country. 

We stand out from our competitors thanks to our innovative ideas in the field, which are born from our experience, the interdisciplinary work of professionals in engineering and architecture, and from the industry best practices. These allow us to achieve communicational coherence between brand positioning and the realization of its visual identity. 

Our industrial plant is equipped with the latest technology and we have a network of specialized suppliers that allows us to respond to any requirement swiftly and at competitive prices throughout the country. 

Installation and Maintenance

We have a network of qualified erectors in all of Argentina’s major cities as well as in neighboring countries. They are ready to respond to emergencies within 48 hours.

Plastics division
Big thermoformed plastics

From the beginning of 2008, Prado Imagen boasts a plastics division which has the country’s biggest thermoforming machine, capable of processing sheets of 5m long x 2.5 m wide x 0.60 m deep. The thermoforming process is complementary to the designing process and it enables the manufacturing of pieces of different sizes and thickness with different types of plastic, offering a wide range of products and applications.

Our mission

Our mission is to materialize visual and communicational identity designs in POS and outdoor advertising through innovation and quality, and in a cost efficient manner.

Our Vision

We want to be the most reliable company in the market of visual and communicational identity in POS and outdoor advertising, meeting the needs of our clients and respecting our values.

Our Values

We care about people, they are unique and irreplaceable. They have unlimited talent and power to develop.

Growth is achieved by trusting ourselves, our workmates, the company and the new opportunities that arise.

Our capital lies in the relationship with our suppliers and customers.

The quality of our products and services is the mirror of our values.

The commitment of our company to the community is the best path towards common welfare.