Buildings – Outdoor signs

They include those elements of communication that are either vertical or horizontal and which are installed in public places with the end of communicating the…

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Corporate Equipment

This equipment helps maintain people informed, and at the same time and due to its design, colors and shape, they help identify the company. Examples:…

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Directional Signs

They are elements of visual identification that guide the people in a shop or company (Bus stations, airports, public buildings, etc.) or along streets.

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Channel Letter Signs

They are smaller than pole signs and pylons and because of their characteristics they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are used for…

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Pylon Signs

An element of visual identification. Because of its size (height and width) it allows to inform about the location, the corporate identity or the products.…

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Pole Signs

An element of visual identification used so that the message reaches a great distance. It is made up of a cylindrical or rectangular column, which…

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Outdoor Wall Signs

These signs are usually placed above doors and windows, they can either be flat or they can have different shapes and designs. In the case…

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It is a structure that projects from the façade of a building towards the street. It may or may not indicate the shop’s main entrance…

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Installation and Maintenance

We have a network of qualified erectors in all of Argentina’s major cities as well as in neighboring countries. They are ready to respond to emergencies within 48 hours.

Plastics division
Big thermoformed plastics

From the beginning of 2008, Prado Imagen boasts a plastics division which has the country’s biggest thermoforming machine, capable of processing sheets of 5m long x 2.5 m wide x 0.60 m deep. The thermoforming process is complementary to the designing process and it enables the manufacturing of pieces of different sizes and thickness with different types of plastic, offering a wide range of products and applications.